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  If you have any question or concern for which you cannot find the answer on this site, then please do not hesitate to contact us by E-mail at the following address:


If you don't receive a reply within 48 hours, then we did not receive your message, or our reply did not find its way back to you.
Please check that your return E-mail address is correctly entered in your E-mail program, or explicitly mention your E-mail address in the message.

You still did not receive a reply from us?

Please check the following:
  • Perhaps your E-mail service blocks "unwanted" E-mail for you?
    Certain E-mail services like Hotmail allow you to enable filters that look for the origin of messages addressed to your account and if the sender is not included in your address book or safe list, then you will not receive those messages in your In box.
    Optionally those messages will be stored in the "Junk mail" box, so perhaps you can find our reply there.
  • To double check that your return E-mail address is correct, try sending a test message to yourself.
    If you don't receive your own test message back within an hour at most, then something is wrong with the delivery of E-mail to your address.
    Please contact your E-mail service for help.
  • Sometimes E-mail gets lost in "cyber space".
    Internet traffic and E-mail messages follow a complex route from sender to receiver and along this route your message to us, or our reply back to you, could get lost.
    Just send your message again. Chances that it gets lost a second time are slim.
  • If you have another E-mail account with another service, then send your message again using the other service.
    Then please also mention your E-mail address at the other service.

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DeltaSoft Computing Inc. Contact us
Contact us
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